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Prophet Muhammad

With rituals and sweets, Muslims mark Prophet Muhammad (SAWW)’s birth

From sufis in Iraqi Kurdistan, to Libyan children receiving toys and Egyptians swapping sweets -- Muslims across the world celebrated Prophet Mohammed (SAWW)'s birthday on Tuesday. Nearly 1,450 years after the Prophet Mohammed (SAWW) was born at Mecca in modern-day Saudi Arabia, Muslims marked the anniversary with ancestral customs and new traditions on Tuesday. In the Libyan city of Benghazi, the celebration has been under way since late Monday with children unpacking new clothes and plastic toys under strings of…

The most influential people in world history

The world’s history is full of influential people, some of them changed the code of life of people, some changed the face of earth by conquering it and some made remarkable discoveries. Here is the list of the world’s most influential people of all time, this list includes people who have influenced a large number of masses, a list of those who have given a code of conduct of life for the world to follow and they are highly praised by the world today even after their departure.