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Global warming reduces protein in key crops: study

MIAMI: Rising carbon dioxide levels from global warming will drastically reduce the amount of protein in staple crops like rice and wheat, leaving vulnerable populations at risk of growth stunting and early death, experts warned Wednesday. Researchers say they still don't understand how or why carbon dioxide emissions sap protein and other nutrients from plants, but the mystery is one that could have devastating consequences across the globe. An additional 150 million people globally may be at risk of protein…

Protein may help in better muscle building: study

ONTARIO: People who regularly do resistance exercises may get stronger and build more lean muscle mass when they add more protein to their diet, a recent study suggests. Researchers examined data from 49 previously published studies with a total of 1,863 people who did muscle-building workouts like weightlifting. Participants who boosted their protein intake - whether from foods or from supplements like bars, powders and shakes - added more lean muscle mass and got stronger muscles than exercisers who didn’t add extra…

Scientists find protein that regulates skin cancer spread

PARIS: Scientists have pinpointed a cancer protein which controls the disease's spread from the skin to other organs, and proposed Wednesday that blocking it may be an effective treatment. Working with mice genetically engineered to develop human skin cancers, the team discovered that the protein plays a key role promoting -- or inhibiting -- metastasis, the spread of cancer from one area or organ to another. Dubbed MIDKINE, the protein is secreted by melanomas -- the most serious type of skin cancer -- before…