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Pakistan State Oil (PSO) is Pakistan’s largest oil marketing and distribution of petroleum products company located in the Karachi city. Founded back in 1974 the company has 3689 filling stations networks across the country.

PSO was founded by the merger of national oils and Dawood petroleum limited back in 1974, the complete corporate culture went through a comprehensive renewal program and fully implemented in 2004. Which includes the organizational structure, employee empowerment, staff rationalization and etc.

Today PSO is also dealing in providing petrochemical and lubricants. The organization hold 60% of the stock market share. Pakistan State Oil is also associated with Three more companies which also hold share of the organization.

Pakistan Refinery Limited (PRL) holds 22.5% of the market share. Pak Grease Manufacturing Company (Private) Limited (PGMCL) holds 22% of the market share and Aisa Petroleum Limited (APL) holds 49% of the market share.