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public roads

Jaguar Land Rover tests first driverless vehicle on public roads

LONDON: Britain’s biggest automaker, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), has tested its first driverless car on public roads, it said on Friday, as carmakers race against each other and tech firms to tap into new technologies. Last October, a pod heavily adapted from a compact Renault car was the first autonomous car to take to Britain’s streets as part of government-backed trials aimed at seeing more widespread use of such vehicles by 2020. Politicians are trying to make it as easy as possible to test new driving technologies in…

China’s Baidu being probed after CEO tests driverless car on public roads

BEIJING: Baidu, China's biggest search engine provider, is under investigation to determine whether it had broken any laws after its chief executive tested a driverless car on public roads, Beijing's traffic police said on Thursday. The firm, China's answer to Alphabet's Google, is taking a leading role in the development of self-driving cars in China and beyond. It unveiled a broad alliance for self-driving cars on Wednesday as it aims to get such vehicles on the road in China by 2019. But Baidu may now face sanctions…