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Punjab finance minister

Govt to announce micro-finance policy for common man: Jawanbakht

LAHORE: Punjab's Finance Minister Hashim Jawanbakht Tuesday said that in the new Pakistan, micro-finance being given due importance, ARY News reported. He was addressing third annual Mictor-Finance Network conference here. The minister said that the government working on a micro-finance policy for betterment of the common lot. Jawanbakht said that now the time has ripe to launch our own schemes. He said the features of the Islamic micro-finance resemble the state of Madina. "Prime Minister Imran Khan wants to…

Projects like Orange Line were initiated for personal publicity: Punjab finance minister

LAHORE: Punjab Finance Minister Makhdoom Hashim Jawan Bakhat on Wednesday said that PTI government's  first budget showed the real picture of province's economic situation. Addressing the post budget press conference in Lahore, the minister said that the Punjab’s development plan for next five years was being prepared keeping in view the factors including provision of basic amenities to the masses of food, education, health, employment and ‘Apna Ghar’ (own home). The minister maintained that the other major aspect of…