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Punjab Government

Punjab government is the largest provincial government system of Pakistan. Punjab as being the largest province of Pakistan it requires more man power to run and deliver its role properly towards the country.

As being the largest and densely populated province of Pakistan it is also the hub for agriculture, local government have to work more in agriculture sector more among others. Punjab Government consist on the elected members of parliaments (MPA’s) who works as a team with the local government.

Punjab assembly has a total of 371 seats which is also the largest provincial assembly of the country. A total of 371 members altogether works for the government of Punjab. The major roles of Punjab government include the law & order situation with in the province, agriculture system and as well as the transportation system. Being the hub for agriculture and multiple other industries transportation is the basic need for the countries internal economy system.

Head of the state is also known as the chief of the state commonly known as the chief minister of Punjab, who is elected by the provincial assembly with the consensus among the members. The head of the state is responsible for the projects, local government system and legislation.