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Shocking footage: Man calmly walks away after pushing woman onto railway track in Hong Kong

HONG KONG: A shocking footage is going viral on the social media from Hong Kong showing an alleged hate attack on a woman at a railway station. CCTV footage shows the 59-year-old being pushed in the back, injuring her jaw. The man, wearing a beige cap, green shirt and brown trousers, had walked towards her along the platform before shoving her with his right hand. No train was passing by during the assault. A man was arrested following the incident in Hong Kong on Saturday at the Yuen Long terminal. A police …

Mystery Qatari sheikh pushed into Gulf crisis spotlight

DUBAI: Two months into a bitter Gulf crisis, Saudi Arabia's use of a previously unknown Qatari royal family member has opened a new -- and bizarre -- front in the conflict. On August 17, it was announced that Saudi Arabia's King Salman had ordered the reopening of the Qatar border to allow pilgrims from the emirate to join the annual hajj pilgrimage to Mecca. The decision, at first glance an apparent thawing in a crisis ongoing since June 5, was apparently taken after Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman met an obscure…