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African folklore-inspired Rangi launches on PS VR

PlayStation VR owners will be able to explore the African mystical universe of Rangi and solve its cryptic puzzles as the single-player adventure game is released on March 6, 2018. Hatim Bensaid, Studio Director at designer Funsoft made the announcement on the official PlayStation blog and his excitement as they bring out Rangi on PS VR. Rangi is a virtual reality adventure/puzzle game exploring a vivid and colorful setting inspired by tribal art, ancient architecture, rhythmic music and African landscapes. Inspired…

Can you spot a dog in this viral picture?

Mind-blogging puzzles are sometimes very difficult to solve, but they certainly stir you with interest. A picture is going rounds on the internet with a dog hidden in it and people are going crazy in a struggle to find it. The unimpressive picture shows a big fridge, a white door, dustbin sink and few other kitchen utensils, and no living being is to be found. But within the premises of the tidy room, a doggy has almost perfectly camouflaged itself somewhere in this kitchen. Tickling the Sherlock Homles in all, the…

Rubik’s cube loses EU trademark

LUXEMBOURG: The makers of the Rubik's cube, the multicoloured puzzle that has baffled millions of people around the world, on Thursday lost a battle with the EU's top court to trademark its distinctive shape. The famed toy has been protected since 1999 under a European trademark that was registered by its British manufacturer, Seven Towns, covering "three dimensional puzzles". But in a judgment almost as fiendishly difficult to unravel as the cube itself, the EU Court of Justice struck down the trademark for the…

Scientists puzzle over Pluto's polygons

NEW YORK: New pictures relayed by the first spacecraft to visit distant Pluto show odd polygon-shaped features and smooth hills in an crater-free plain, indications that the icy world is geologically active, New Horizons scientists said on Friday.