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Qaim Ali Shah

Syed Qaim Ali Shah Jillani has been elected Chief Minister of Sindh for three terms. His last two terms combined, a total of eight years, make him the longest serving Chief Minister of Sindh. He is Sindh President of the Pakistan Peoples Party and an elected Member of Provincial Assembly from PS-220

Syed Qaim Ali Shah was born the 13th of September,1928 to Syed Ramzan Ali Shah Jillani in Khairpur Mirs. Shah’s household was counted amongst Khayrpur state’s more influential and educated families. After completing his early education at Naz High School, Shah’s family married young Shah to a relative. Shah then proceeded to Karachi for higher education.

In Karachi, Shah enrolled at Karachi University and received a Bachelor of Arts. Later, he received a Bachelor of Laws from S. M. Law College.

During the course of his studies at SM Law College, Shah benefited from the company and guidance of his then professor, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, building a bond that would last for the duration of his professor’s life.