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Kidneys grown in rats could pave way for human transplant options

TOKYO: Scientists said Wednesday they have successfully used mice stem cells to grow kidneys in rat embryos, using a technique that could one day help grow human kidneys for transplant. But the researchers cautioned that their success was only a first step and that "serious technical barriers and complex ethical issues" remain before the process could be used for human organs. The technique has previously been used to grow mice-derived pancreases in rats, but the new study is the first evidence that it could one day…

VIDEO: Spain’s popular bakery sealed after rats filmed crawling over sandwiches

MADRID: A popular bakery chain in Spain’s capital has been forced to shit after couple of rats was filmed crawling over sandwiches. Passers-by were shocked to have creepy sight on the edibles. They took video of the rodents before calling police who ordered the temporary closure of the business until town hall chiefs carry out an inspection. The rats got stuck in at a food display at Granier Bakery’s Pueblo Nuevo in Madrid, which has branches around the world including Woolwich and Wood Green in London. The company…

Hostages held by Somali pirates ‘ate rats’ to survive

NAIROBI: A group of 26 hostages freed from nearly five years in the hands of Somali pirates touched down in Kenya on Sunday, with both tears and smiles marking the end of their ordeal. "Am so, so happy. Really, am so, so happy. For UN, for Mr John (negotiator), for all the world. Thanks to you all," said one of the hostages, Sudi Ahman. But, one of the survivors shared disturbing ordeal they endured during the captivity. Arnel Balbero told the BBC that the group were forced to eat anything they could get their hands on,…