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Muslim nations call for summit if Trump recognises Jerusalem

RIYADH: The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Monday called for a summit of Muslim nations if the United States takes the controversial decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital. President Donald Trump faces a key decision this week over Jerusalem's status, potentially reversing years of US policy and prompting a furious response from the Palestinians and the Arab world. The 57-member OIC sought to amplify concern over the possible move in an emergency meeting on Monday in the Saudi Arabian Red Sea…

Committee to Protect Journalists recognises Trump as ‘threat to press freedom’

NEW YORK: In an unprecedented step, the Committee to Protect Journalists has released a statement recognizing that a Donald Trump presidency would represent a threat to press freedom. In response to Trump's threats and vilification of the media during his campaign, the chairman of CPJ's board, Sandra Mims Rowe, issued the following statement on behalf of the organization: “Guaranteeing the free flow of information to citizens through a robust, independent press is essential to American democracy. For more than 200 years…