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UK’s official Brexit campaign fined, referred to police

LONDON: Britain's official Brexit campaign, Vote Leave, has been fined for breaking spending rules in the 2016 EU membership referendum, the Electoral Commission announced Tuesday, adding that it had referred the case to the police. The Electoral Commission regulator said the winning side in the referendum had worked together with a smaller pro-Brexit group called BeLeave and had made a donation to the youth organisation to get around its own campaign finance limits. "We found substantial evidence that the two groups…

German case on Uber sedan service referred to European court

MUNICH: Germany's highest court on Thursday ruled that Uber sedan service had violated the country's competition laws, but referred the case to the European Court of Justice to decide whether its view was in line with broader European Union laws. It wants clarification from the higher European court before issuing a final ruling. Uber, which allows passengers to summon a ride through an app on their smartphones, expanded into Europe five years ago but has been challenged in the courts because it is not bound by the…