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Rohingya refugee leaders draw up demands ahead of repatriation

KUTUPALONG, Bangladesh: Rohingya leaders in a Bangladesh refugee camp have drawn up a list of demands they want Myanmar to meet before authorities begin sending back hundreds of thousands in a repatriation process expected to begin next week and last for two years. The petition is the latest indication of the challenges ahead for Bangladesh and Myanmar as they try to engineer the return of refugees who fear continued military operations in Rakhine State and are dismayed about the prospect of a prolonged stay in ‚Äútemporary…

Deadly ‘long-lost disease’ rages through Rohingya camps

COX'S BAZAAR: In a makeshift bamboo clinic, small children struggle to draw breath through surgical masks, victims of a forgotten but deadly disease that has torn through the teeming Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh. Diphtheria had been all but eradicated in Bangladesh until last year, when more than 650,000 Rohingya poured across the border fleeing a bloody military crackdown in neighbouring Myanmar. Packed into an area meant for a much smaller number of refugees and with little sanitation or healthcare, the new…

Merkel ‘horrified’ by knife attack on pro-refugee mayor

BERLIN: German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday expressed horror at a near-fatal knife attack against a town mayor, apparently motivated by his pro-refugee stance and which left him with a six-inch neck wound. Andreas Hollstein, 54, mayor of the western town of Altena, was stabbed late Monday at a kebab shop by a man who had loudly criticised his liberal refugee policy. Hollstein said that without two shop employees who rushed to help him, he would "probably not be here today". With a large bandage on his neck…