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Refugee are ordinary people who lived through extra ordinary times, in the country they live in conflicts and persecutions have put them on risks. They have no other choice but to flew and leave the country to seek safety this means leaving a lot behind one of the hardest decision a person can ever take.

Refugees are no longer in their own country and have crossed at least one border on going conflict may put them on risk if they return or they are at risk of persecution because of their nationality, race or basically they are associated with the religion a social group or a political opinion.

Some get jailed or harmed physically or mentally. They often flew with no more than the clothes in their bags and leave behind their everyday life. They may lose their homes, savings their career and often their family and loved ones.

There are many international laws to protect refugees, refugees cannot be sent back to their countries if it put them on risks. Countries have legal obligations to let refugee in and protect them but even in the safe country life as a refugee can be daunting.

Govt starts collecting data of refugees, illegal immigrants

ISLAMABAD: Minister for Human Rights Shireen Mazari on Tuesday informed the National Assembly that the government has started process to collect the data of refugees, un-registered refugees and illegal immigrants. The minister stated this while responding to a Calling Attention Notice regarding proposal to give citizenship of Pakistan to the refugees and illegal migrants residing in Pakistan. She said that the data will be collected with the assistance of UNHCR and local agencies and it will be shared with the National…

Syrian swimmer who saved refugees arrested in Greece

ATHENS: Sarah Mardini, one of two Syrian sisters who saved over a dozen refugees in 2015 by pulling their sinking dinghy to Greece, has been arrested for alleged people smuggling, her lawyer said on Friday. Greek police said on Tuesday they had arrested two members of an aid organization on the island of Lesbos and were investigating a total of 30 on suspicion they smuggled migrants into Greece, spied and laundered money. Mardini, 23, who is being held in a maximum security prison in Athens, has denied all charges, her…