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reserved seats

ECP to notify successful candidates on reserved seats today

ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) will issue today a notification with regard to the allotment of the seats reserved for women and religious minorities to political parties.   The commission has already issued notifications of winning candidates of the July 25 polls. It will calculate each party’s share in the reserved seats on the basis of its total seats in the National Assembly including the independent winners joining political parties, and will notify the names of successful candidates from each…

Tanzeela Qambrani: First Sheedi woman to become member of Sindh Assembly

KARACHI: The elections 2018 concluded with some historic representations from minority groups in the assemblies. In one such case, a woman belonging to Sheedi ethnic group has become first such female to make her way into the Sindh Assembly. Tanzeela Qambrani belongs to Pakistan People’s Party and has been elected on reserved seat for women on the PPP ticket. The PPP had previously nominated her to head the municipal committee in Matli in Badin district, which, was opposed by some influential group in the district. A…