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respiratory problems

Damp, moldy homes tied to adult respiratory problems

STOCKHOLM: People living in homes with water damage, damp floors or visible mold are more likely to have chronic sinus problems and bronchitis, as well as allergies, asthma and other breathing disorders, according to a large study from Sweden. Researchers found that about 11 percent of homes had visible signs of dampness - and the more signs were present, the higher the likelihood of residents having nose, throat and lung-related health problems, according to the report in Clinical and Experimental Allergy. “A lot of…

Two dead as Melbourne storm causes spike in respiratory problems

MELBOURNE: A major storm that hit Melbourne on Monday night has reportedly caused a mass outbreak of an illness known as ‘thunderstorm asthma’. Two people also died in its wake. Reports said that an unprecedented number of people fell acutely ill on Monday after the storm struck at around 6pm. Two people in Melbourne’s west died, including a man waiting 30 minutes for an ambulance. According to ABC News, hospital staff say "they've never seen so many people" in emergency with same condition Hospitals were…