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Child slips into rhino pen at zoo

A little girl entered the rhinoceros exhibit at a Florida zoo by slipping between two poles, and at least one of the massive pachyderms touched the child with its snout, officials said on Tuesday.  Both the child, a toddler about 2 years old, and her mother were taken to hospitals but it was not immediately clear whether any injuries were related to contact with the 4,500-pound (2,000-kg) animals, zoo officials said. “According to witnesses, the child stumbled and fell between two of the poles and at this point,…

Video: Rhino rams into a tourist van in Mexico Wildlife park

MEXICO: A visitor has caught on camera the terrifying moment a rhinoceros tries to topple a tourist van at a zoo in central Mexico. The video was recorded by a tourist who was on board a car just behind the attacked vehicle at the zoo in Puebla, Mexico. González Aguilar visited the Africam Safari park on July 30 when he spotted a rhinoceros approaching a group of zebras. Visitors can tour part of the zoo in their vehicles while the animals roam freely. But then the rhinoceros became interested in the little black…

‘Surreal pictures’ show Rhino being airlifted away from poachers

A rhino has appeared to fly as it is air-lifted out of the South African bush to a new location in an amazing set of photographs. The surreal images show the 2,200-pound herbivore slung from a helicopter over stunning rivers and over rolling vegetation all whilst blindfolded. Another picture shows the rhino floating through the clouds. Other shots show the critically endangered species fitted with a tracking device and being lowered to the ground. The spectacular images were taken…