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ORRI: Your finger can be your smartphone

Hong Kong based start-up Origami Labs is looking to change the way we interact with our mobile phones with the release of its innovative new wearable product ORII this month. A Kickstarter project, ORII is the world's first voice-powered smart ring that turns your finger into a smart phone. Just by touching your ear you can make calls, send messages, set reminders, or anything else that Siri or Google Assistant can do for you. ORII uses bone conduction to send sound along your finger and into your ear, giving the…

WATCH: Imran Khan finally explains the ring on his finger

ISLAMABAD: Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan on Thursday finally explained the ring on his finger. When asked by a reporter, the cricketer-turned-politician said that the ring was only a gift. As the reporter grilled him about the beads, Imran said Waleed Iqbal, Allama Muhammad Iqbal's grandson, had brought this gift for him from shrine of the great Sufi saint and poet Maulana Rumi. Also watch ‘May be third time lucky’ says Imran Khan about marriage

German designer creates earrings that look like human ears

AN ear-shaped earring, created by a Berlin-based designer, reflects an impressive feat of artistry but it’s making everyone wonder due to their ‘creepy’ looks. Worn just like a normal earring, these faux ears are the exact same shape and size as fake ears, making it look like you’ve got double the amount of ear going on. Which, if that’s what your after, is… great? Despite the fact that they’re very strange, creator Nadja Buttendorf deserves praise for the artistry firstly for creating such lifelike ears, and…

Nigeria police bust suspected kidnapping ring, arrest 37

ABUJA: Nigerian police have arrested 37 people in southern Nigeria's Abia state on suspicion of being part of a major kidnapping ring, a spokesman said on Friday. Nigeria is one of the world's highest rates of kidnapping, an enterprise that funnels hundreds of millions of dollars to the sophisticated criminal gangs that carry it out. It is concentrated in the relatively prosperous south of Africa's biggest economy and top oil producer. The crime mostly targets Nigerians, although expatriates are sometimes snatched -…