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robert kelly

Professor speaks out about kids crashing his BBC interview

Professor Robert Kelly has returned to break his silence on the viral sensation of his children ran into his office during¬†his interview on the BBC about South Korea's politics.¬† Kelly and wife Kim Jung-A speak out about that adorably hilarious interview fiasco which he now admits was "terribly cute." Behind all the nervous eye shutting and slight grimaces was "a mixture of surprise, embarrassment and amusement and love and affection," says Kelly in a new video interview with his kids Kelly, an associate professor…

Professor’s online interview hilariously interrupted by children

A straight-laced live BBC interview in which a professor was interrupted by his two children has gone viral, sparking a jubilant reaction on social media. Professor Robert Kelly, a Political Science expert at Pusan National University, was being interviewed from his home on the issue of South Korean politics when his two young children walked into the room. First came a young girl wearing sunglasses. Professor Kelly attempted to push his child away but the youngster was soon joined by her sibling as a baby tottered…