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Referee banned by FA after rock, paper, scissors blunder

LONDON: Referee David McNamara has been handed a three-week ban by the English FA for asking two captains to play rock, paper, scissors to decide the kick-off before a Women’s Super League (WSL) match after forgetting his coin, British media reported on Tuesday. The incident took place ahead of Manchester City’s home game with Reading on Oct. 26 and involved their England skipper Steph Houghton and visiting captain Kirsty Pearce. A coin toss to decide who kicks off is a requirement under the Laws of the Game but…

Sex abuse claims rock Dutch Catholic Church

AMSTERDAM: More than half of the Netherlands' senior clerics were involved in covering up sexual assault of children between 1945 and 2010, a press report claimed Saturday, further engulfing the Catholic Church in a global abuse scandal. Over the course of 65 years, 20 of 39 Dutch cardinals, bishops and their auxiliaries "covered up sexual abuse, allowing the perpetrators to cause many more victims", the daily NRC reported. "Four abused children and 16 others allowed the transfer of paedophile priests who could have…

Israeli troops kill Palestinian suspected of throwing rocks at them

JERUSALEM: Israeli troops on Thursday shot dead a Palestinian whom they suspected had thrown rocks at them as they patrolled a main West Bank road, the military said. The Palestinian health ministry named him as 15-year-old Khaled Bahar from Beit Umar, near the city of Hebron in the southern part of the occupied West Bank. "Rocks were hurled at the soldiers, wounding one of them lightly. The force responded to the assault, calling on a suspect to halt, firing warning shots into the air and then towards the suspect,…