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Singapore rolls out tough measures to keep cars off the roads

KUALA LUMPUR: In the battle against the car, space-starved Singapore has deployed road tolls, massive spending on public transport, and a licence fee that bumps the cost of an average vehicle to over $80,000. But urban planners looking for solutions to gridlock may find the draconian measures hard to replicate in other less-compliant cities. Singapore has gone further than any other major city to avoid the monster jams that have blighted Asian metropolises such as Jakarta or Manila. The tough approach has been…

Whatsapp rolls out ‘Delete for Everyone’ option

Whatsapp has finally rolled out the much-anticipated 'Delete for Everyone' feature which lets you unsend embarrassing messages. It has been in development for the last few months. It lets you unsend message/s, making them completely vanish from a group or personal chat. This function will work for all kinds of messages whether video, voice, text, GIFs or documents. However, the option will only work if the recipient and sender both are using the latest version of WhatsApp, and you can only delete message/s you have…

Facebook rolls out video shows, in new challenge

Facebook is rolling out a new video service offering professionally produced shows in a challenge to rivals such as YouTube, and potentially to streaming providers like Netflix. The Facebook service called Watch will include a range of shows, from reality to comedy to live sports, the social network said in its announcement late Wednesday. The new platform offers an opportunity for social interactions via the Facebook community of some two billion users. It will be "a place where you can discover shows your…