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Toshiba gains breathing room with $5.4 billion share issue to overseas investors

TOKYO/HONG KONG: Toshiba planned $5.4 billion new share issue to overseas investors is set to provide it with most of the funds it needs to avoid a delisting - a quickly arranged deal that underscores both the weakness of its finances and the allure of its chips unit. Burdened by billions of dollars in liabilities at its bankrupt US nuclear reactor maker Westinghouse, Toshiba has been seeking to make up the difference by the end of the financial year in March or face a delisting. A long and contentious auction for its $18…

Man haunted by ‘ghost baby’ takes heart-dropping photograph

Many people have had the subconscious feeling or imagination that they're being watched, or heard things at night which run riot in their mind. SCROLL DOWN FOR PICTURES- VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED However, one man appears absolutely convinced he's being haunted by the ghost of a demonic baby and has thousands of people captivated by his storytelling. Adam Ellis, from New York, began tweeting about the incident a few months ago, and shared his experiences of spooky dreams in which a devilish ghost baby with a dented head…

Teen’s bedroom destroyed after phone charging on bed

LONDON: It’s often been advised to avoid talking on phone when it’s charging and better not keep it plugged for long hours. Or else, consequences could be disastrous. That exactly happened to a teenage girl’s entire bedroom when it burned to a ashes after she left her phone charging on her bed overnight. The girl named Caitlin Rae Durant, a 15-year-old from Morfa Bychan in north Wales, managed to flee the blaze and fortunately escaped – but all of her belongings have been destroyed, and her family has had to leave the…