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Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock’s ‘Bird Box’ draws 80 million viewers

LOS ANGELES: Netflix Inc on Thursday said more than 80 million member households will have watched its thriller movie “Bird Box” in its first four weeks, but the streaming giant gave no viewing data for Oscar hopeful “Roma.” “Bird Box,” starring Sandra Bullock and set in a post-apocalyptic society where survivors must wear blindfolds, was released on Netflix on Dec. 21 and triggered a viral sensation when fans posted their own blindfolded “Bird Box Challenges” on social media. Netflix does not routinely release viewing…

Sandra Bullock plays against type in dystopian thriller ‘Bird Box’

BERLIN: Best known for romantic comedies, Oscar winning actress Sandra Bullock has to fight for survival in dark, dystopian thriller “Bird Box”. Bullock, known for “Miss Congeniality” as well as dramas “The Blind Side” and “Gravity”, plays Malorie, a woman desperate to keep her two children safe from an unseen threat that leads people to commit suicide. Premiering the film in Berlin, the 54-year-old said that while she was not usually a fan of scary movies, she enjoyed adding the genre to her portfolio of work.…

Man accused of stalking Sandra Bullock charged with stockpiling guns

LOS ANGELES: A man accused of breaking into Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock's Los Angeles home pleaded not guilty on Wednesday to charges that he possessed a stockpile of weapons, the Los Angeles County District Attorney said. Police found the weapons cache, which included several machine guns, at the Montrose, California, home of 39-year-old Joshua Corbett following his June 8 arrest at Bullock's residence in an upscale neighborhood near Beverly Hills, prosecutors said. Corbett, who has already pleaded not guilty in…