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Sargodha the 12th largest city of the country was founded by Britisher in 1903. The city is the only city of Pakistan which is built upon the master plan of the city due to its geological location a military Airbase was also established in the British Raj. After the independence Sargodha was recognized as a Tehsil which later became the divisional headquarter.

After the independence the city was also known as the political hub for Muslim League. The city is famous for its production of fruits the city is also the world’s largest orange and grapefruit growing city, 11th in growing rice and 8th in growing sugarcane the city is also known as the California of Pakistan.

Sargodha wooden works are also very famous among national and international market. Multiple media hubs are also originated from the city including magazines during the 1965 war the geographical location of the city help the Military forces to eliminate the airbases of the enemies.