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Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) is an administrative and supervisory body whose prime capacity is to guarantee that the endorsement of building plans and NOCs are in compliance with the current building and town planning regulations.

Checking of the quality of the construction, approved designs implementation are the prime responsibilities of SBCA. Design approval shall only be done under the master plan of the city. Public complaints response and take strict actions against builders violating SBCA rules authority can also take legal actions against the builders involved in illegal constructions.

Karachi development authority was developed in 1957 under presidential order later further changes has been made in the organizational structure and responsibilities. The organizational structure of Sindh Building Control Authority includes the Director Generals; multiple DG are working under SCBA according to district wise.

Under the supremacy of director general’s multiple director are leading a single phase each including legal affairs, licensing and etc. further down the hierarchy there are directors designated according to the internal districts of the cities. Last come the active personals performing the task allocated by the top authorities.