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Scientists zap ‘voices’ from schizophrenia sufferers

PARIS: Scientists have pinpointed a part of the brain where "voices" torment schizophrenia sufferers, and partially muted them with magnetic pulse treatment, a team reported on Tuesday. More than a third of sufferers treated with magnetic pulses in a patient trial experienced "significant" relief, the scientists said in a statement. "We can now say with some certainty that we have found a specific anatomical area of the brain associated with auditory verbal hallucinations in schizophrenia," the team said. "Secondly,…

Mentally ill prisoner Imdad Ali to be executed on November 2

ISLAMABAD: The authorities issued a death warrant for a mentally ill condemned prisoner on Wednesday after the Supreme Court ruled that his schizophrenia is "not a permanent mental disorder". Lawyers and rights groups say convicted murderer Imdad Ali, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia while in prison in 2012, cannot be executed as he cannot understand his crime and punishment. Ali's death warrant was issued by a criminal court on the request of the provincial Punjab government, said a statement by The Justice Project…

Schizophrenia not a mental illness, Supreme Court rules

ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court has ruled that schizophrenia does not fall within its legal definition of mental disorders, clearing the way for the execution, as soon as next week, of a mentally ill man convicted of murder. Government doctors in 2012 certified Imdad Ali, 50, as being a paranoid schizophrenic, after he was convicted and sentenced to death for the 2001 murder of a cleric. His lawyers say Ali is unfit to be executed as he is unable to understand his crime and punishment, and that doing so would violate Pakistan's…