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WATCH: Scooter zooms away without motorist after accident in China

TAIZHOU, China: A bizarre incident occurred in China when a man fell off his scooter only to see his vehicle whizzing past ahead without him. Sharing a 26-second video clip, People’s Daily, China shared the footage on its official Facebook account. “A scooter carrying two adults and a child flipped over when the driver tried to avoid colliding with a car that was making a U-turn in Taizhou, east China’s Jiangsu province, on Aug 19, 2017. The driver and two passengers were thrown from the scooter after its…

VIDEO: News anchor crashes scooter on live TV

LOS ANGELES: A Los Angeles news anchor attempted to test drive an electric scooter, part of a segment, during a live transmission and it ended up disastrously. Lisa Breckenridge was sitting on an electric scooter during the show's holiday gift segment and decided to take it for a spin around the studio. Breckenridge quickly lost control of the scooter and was unable to break before crashed into some equipment and falling over. The anchor said in an Instagram post she was checked out at a local hospital and is now…