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Russia knew US-backed Syrian forces were in area it bombed: Pentagon

WASHINGTON: Russian jets bombed a target east of the Euphrates River near Dayr Az Zawat in Syria where it knew US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces and coalition advisers were located, the Pentagon said on Saturday. “Russian munitions impacted a location known to the Russians to contain Syrian Democratic Forces and coalition advisers,” the Pentagon said in a statement. “Several SDF fighters were wounded,” it added. Coalition troops advising and assisting the SDF were not wounded, the Pentagon added. The SDF is an…

US Marines deploy artillery battery to Syria

WASHINGTON: The United States has sent a Marine Corps artillery battery into Syria to help defeat the Islamic State group in Raqa, the capital of their supposed caliphate, a US official said Wednesday. The official said troops from the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit had deployed a battery of 155mm Howitzers to an outpost in Syria. The Marines "are ready to conduct their mission" to support the offensive on Raqa, the official told AFP, confirming a report in the Washington Post. The move marks a significant step for…