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Senator John McCain

McCain, in new memoir, chides Trump for undermining U.S. values

WASHINGTON: U.S. Senator John McCain rebukes President Donald Trump in a new memoir, accusing his fellow Republican of failing to uphold U.S. values by showering praise on international “tyrants,” discrediting the media, ignoring human rights and demeaning refugees. “Flattery secures his friendship, criticism his enmity,” wrote McCain in “The Restless Wave,” which he co-authored with longtime aide Mark Salter. “It is hard to know what to expect from President Trump, what’s a pose, what’s legitimate,” McCain said in the…

White House rift delays US Afghanistan Policy

WASHINGTON: President Donald Trump has yet to announce Afghanistan policy unveiling deep rifts in the White House on how to handle America's longest war. Such is the uncertainty about what to do -- send thousands more troops into a nearly 16-year conflict, or take the opposite tack and pull out -- that Trump has reportedly even suggested firing the general in charge of the war effort. "We aren't winning... we are losing," Trump complained to top officials while upbraiding his military advisors at a White House meeting…