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Serial killer nurse faces October trial over 97 deaths

BERLIN: A German male nurse serving a life term for killing six hospital patients with lethal drugs out of "boredom" will go on trial in October for another 97 murders, the court said Friday. The regional court in Oldenburg said in a…

Fear of a serial killer puts US city on edge

TAMPA: A possible serial killer is on the loose in Tampa, Florida, picking out victims seemingly at random on the street, and shaken residents are looking over their shoulders fearing he could be someone they know. Early Tuesday,…

Shoot-to-kill: India hunts serial killer elephant

NEW DELHI: India's top hunter on Friday led a shoot-to-kill pursuit of an elephant whose murderous rampage through villages has left 15 people dead. The government has turned to sharpshooter Nawab Shafat Ali Khan ahead of World Elephant…

Was 'Jack The Ripper' A Woman ???

One of history’s oldest unsolved mysteries is the identity of Jack the Ripper, the infamous serial killer who stalked and murdered at least five women in London’s East End in 1888.