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Shaan Shahid

Shaan narrates his ‘love at first sight’ story

"I was coming out of the the room and she was coming in, she passed and there were violins all over the place, I waited for her to turn her head and see me back and she did," Shaan Shahid said about her first love, her wife Amina. In an interview with ARY News' The Morning Show', Shaan revealed as to how he met Amina and chose to marry her. "We met at an art gallery. She was learning how to paint and her teacher was producing a film with me and I was conducting the class in her absence.When I first saw her (Amina), I…

Shaan disappointed with Pakistani actors over not supporting troops

KARACHI: Actor Shaan Shahid expressed his dismay over Pakistani celebrities not showing support for the Pakistan Army amidst the ongoing tensions with India, ARY News reported. In his Facebook post on Friday night, Shaan said that it was shameful from Pakistani stars to not show support for Pakistani troops when Indian celebrities backing their military. "Finally the Indian stars have tweeted in support for Indian troops, It is shameful from the Pakistani actors to not show support for Pakistani troops," he wrote. The…