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Dominica’s beloved wildlife still shaky a year after Maria

ROSEAU: 'Sad' parrots and 'stressed-out' frogs might be unlikely contenders for concern in the aftermath of a catastrophic natural disaster. But the fate of two of Dominica's most prized species are still a source of worry a year after Hurricane Maria tore apart the tiny Caribbean island. Dominica's famously lush forests are slowly coming back to life after the worst destruction in the country's history, prompting a return of the intriguing creatures that call them home. The sisserou parrot and the mountain chicken…

Syria ceasefire begins, but is shaky with early clashes

BEIRUT: A nationwide ceasefire in Syria, brokered by Russia and Turkey which back opposing sides in the conflict, got off to a shaky start after midnight on Friday (2200 GMT on Thursday) in the latest attempt to end nearly six years of bloodshed. Russian President Vladimir Putin, a key ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, announced the ceasefire on Thursday after forging the agreement with Turkey, a long-time backer of the opposition. Monitors and a rebel official reported clashes between insurgents and government…