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Pope says church shamed by ‘repugnant’ Irish abuse

DUBLIN: Pope Francis marked the first papal visit to Ireland in 39 years by acknowledging that the failure of Church authorities to adequately address “repugnant” clerical child abuse crimes there remains a source of shame for the Catholic community. Francis arrived on Saturday for a highly charged visit to a society transformed since more than three-quarters of the population flocked to see Pope John Paul II in 1979 and beset by the kind of abuse scandals that have once more mired the Catholic Church in crisis. “I…

UK govt “names and shames” firms for underpaying staff

LONDON: The government of the United Kingdom has “named and shamed” more than 350 companies after being fined for not paying their employees either the national minimum wage or the living wage. A total of 360 employers, including large numbers of hair salons, hotels, care homes and retailers, failed to pay either the national minimum wage or the national living wage to more than 15,500 workers, according to the list published by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. Excuses for underpaying…