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Afghanistan arms civilians to protect mosques during Muharram

1 year, 26 days ago
KABUL: Afghanistan is arming hundreds of civilians nationwide to help protect mosques during one of the holiest months on the Islamic calendar after several deadly attacks on Shia religious sites. The government's move comes as it…

Blast kills 14 in northern Afghanistan during Ashura

2 years, 4 days ago
KABUL: At least 14 people were killed on Wednesday in a powerful blast at a mosque in northern Afghanistan, the second deadly attack on the minority in as many days during the major festival of Ashura. "The explosion happened at the gate…

Gunmen kill 14 at shrine in Kabul

2 years, 4 days ago
Gunmen targeted Shia pilgrims in Kabul late Tuesday, killing at least five people as they gathered to celebrate Ashura, one of the most important festivals on the Shiite calendar, officials said.

ISIL issues video of beheading of U.S. hostage Steven Sotloff

4 years, 1 month ago
A masked figure in the video seen by Reuters also issued a threat against a British hostage, a man the group named as David Haines, and warned governments to back off "this evil alliance of America against the Islamic State". The purported…

UN to send team to investigate ISIL crimes in Iraq

4 years, 1 month ago
GENEVA: The United Nations agreed on Monday to send investigators to Iraq to examine crimes being committed by Islamic State militants on "an unimaginable scale", with a view to holding perpetrators to account.