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US man shot by his dog in freak incident

WASHINGTON: It's often said that a dog biting a man isn't news -- so one canine companion apparently decided to up the ante. A 51-year-old man from the US state of Iowa says he was shot by his own dog while playing with the pet in his…

US police shot and killed 987 people in 2017: WPost

WASHINGTON: Police officers shot and killed nearly 1,000 people in the United States in 2017, slightly more than the previous year, according to a tally published on Monday by The Washington Post. A total of 987 people were fatally shot…

Baker shot dead after resisting robbery in Lahore

LAHORE: A bakery worker was shot dead on Thursday after resisting a robbery attempt in Green Town area of Lahore, ARY News reported. The incident took place after suspects attempted to rob the bakery, but received resistance from the…