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Sindh Police

Sindh Police Service is based on the pattern of the colonial Irish constabulary, Sir Charles Napier established a police system in Sindh in 1843. The British Army Officers closely supervised and controlled forces which were resultantly more disciplined, efficient and not corrupt.

Influenced by the success of Napier’s police, the Court of Directors of the East India Company suggested that a common system of police be established on the pattern of Irish Constabulary.

The Sindh Police service in pursuit of its mission, believes in providing quality service with the highest possible degree of excellence, based upon the principles of fairness, integrity, honesty and respect for human dignity.

Employees are reminded to familiarize themselves with the mission statement, statement of values and vision of success and to embrace these goals as we collectively strive to provide the most effective police service for our citizens.

The Special Security Unit (SSU) is a specialized counter terrorism and security unit of the Sindh Police in Pakistan. It is a Karachi-based unit, with its operational purview stretching out all through Sindh in general. It was set up in 2010 in light of expanded paces of terrorism. The unit reports to the IG Sindh and DIGP Security/Commandant Mr. Maqsood Ahmed is the establishing leader of the unit.