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Skardu the capital city of Gilgit-Baltistan situated in the north and 790 kilo meter from capital of Pakistan and known for its hospitality. The city is surrounded by the world second largest peak K2 and Siachen. The city is also known as the paradise of Pakistan.

The city is very famous for tourism and huge amount of national and international tourist visit the city and other northern area. Skardu has three beautiful lakes Satpara, shangrila and Upper Kachura Lake tourist mostly stay in the resorts located at the shore of the lake.

Deosai national park is also present in the Skardu city which is the most visited place of the city by tourist the park has the world second highest Deosai plateau. Deosai is covered in the snow for eight months of the year but even in the extreme depths of winter these plains are barren there is life here.