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Bitcoin falls below $9,000 in latest slump

WASHINGTON: Bitcoin fell below $9,000 Friday afternoon to a daily low of $8,587, according to CoinDesk's Bitcoin Price Index. The latest fall is said to triggered by regulation fears. On Thursday, the US Securities and Exchange…

Turkey tourism income slumps after attacks, coup

ANKARA: Turkey tourism revenues fell almost 30 percent in 2016, the country's statistics office said Tuesday, after visitors stayed away following multiple terror attacks and a failed coup. In 2016 income from tourism fell by 29.7…

World stocks resume slump as oil hits new low

LONDON: Global stocks suffered another rout Wednesday as oil prices slid to fresh 12-year lows under $28, heaping further pressure on financial markets from London and Paris to Russia and Shanghai. 

When will the oil slump end?

NEW YORK: As oil traders have learned time and again, picking a bottom in today's glutted global market can be a fool's game: just when prices start to rebound, as they have three times this year, a wave of renewed bearishness smacks them…