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Woman carrying 20 smartphones caught at Islamabad Airport

8 days ago
ISLAMABAD: The customs officials have apprehended a woman carrying more than one-and-a-half dozen smartphones worth around Rs3 million at the Islamabad International Airport. The lady was caught on Tuesday night at the airport.…

Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphones ‘vulnerable to hacking’

2 months, 10 days ago
LONDON: Samsung’s Galaxy S7 smartphones contain a microchip security flaw, uncovered earlier this year, that put tens of millions of devices at risk to hackers looking to spy on their users, researchers told Reuters. The Galaxy 7 and…

This ride at UK park uses riders screams to charge smartphones

6 months, 20 days ago
With collaboration of researchers from Queen Mary University London and the engineering team at city's Thorpe Park Resort, a new ride named Walking Dead has been installed at the park that can power the smartphones of its riders by…

Hackers could get even nastier in 2018: researchers

10 months, 19 days ago
WASHINGTON: After a year marked by devastating cyber attacks and breaches, online attackers are expected to become even more destructive in 2018, security researchers said on Wednesday. A report by the security firm McAfee said the…

No smartphones! Vintage mobile phone museum opens in Slovakia

1 year, 1 month ago
DOBSINA, Slovakia: As new smartphones hit the market month in month out, one Slovak technology buff is offering visitors to his vintage cellphone museum a trip down memory lane - to when cellphones weighed more than today’s computers and…

Cars racing to become ‘mobile phones on wheels’

1 year, 7 months ago
BARCELONA:  The car of the future will let you pay for petrol or parking directly from your vehicle and receive traffic alerts and restaurant recommendations from your onboard digital assistant. Connected cars -- or "mobile phones on…

Dumbphones survive rise of the smartphone

1 year, 7 months ago
BARCELONA: Dumbphones -- handsets that just make calls and send texts -- were set to disappear as technology moved on, but they have survived in emerging markets and among nostalgics of simpler devices in the West. Their continued appeal…

Smartphones can be used as a pocket doctor

1 year, 7 months ago
Smartphones will soon become mobile laboratories which can monitor bone density, calculate red blood cell levels and even predict if an asthma attack is imminent. Scientists are repurposing the technology which already exists within…