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WATCH: Panic as snake spotted at new Islamabad airport

2 days ago
ISLAMABAD: Ever since the new Islamabad Airport inaugurated earlier this year, it’s making headlines in the mainstream media – but not for the good reasons. In a rare incident that was reported on Tuesday, a snake surfaced in the apron…

Family finds rare two headed snake in garden

24 days ago
VIRGINIA: A rare two-headed snake has been discovered in the US. The snake identified as an eastern copperhead was found in a garden by a family in Virginia. The unusual serpent was captured by Virginia Wildlife Management &…

Can you spot a snake in this viral picture?

1 month, 22 days ago
Solving puzzles can be tirelessly challenging at times, and one such mind-boggling riddle is going viral on social media platforms, leaving majority of people clueless. The Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 in Australia shared a photo…

Two-headed snake goes on display at Texas zoo

7 months, 9 days ago
TEXAS: A snake with two functional heads has gone on display at the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco, Texas. The zoo informed its visitors via Facebook by posting a picture of the two-headed snake alongside details about the rare reptile…

Can you spot snake in this viral picture?

8 months, 3 days ago
Optical illusions are sometimes very interesting but they might cause you ‘distress’ as well, because of your repeated failure in solving it. A similar picture is going viral on the internet with a snake camouflaged in it and people are…

Snake on a train: Indonesian kills serpent with bare hands

10 months, 26 days ago
JAKARTA: An Indonesian man who used his bare hands to kill a snake that was discovered slithering on a busy commuter train has become an Internet hero. The train made an emergency stop after the reptile was spotted lurking on a baggage…

Can you spot a snake in this photo?

1 year, 1 month ago
The picture below appears to show a typical back garden, but look closer at you will see something terrifying – A snake is actually hidden among the plants in the corner of the garden. A team of snake catchers was called in after the…

L.A. man accused of smuggling king cobras in potato chip cans

1 year, 2 months ago
LOS ANGELES: A Los Angeles man was arrested on Tuesday after federal prosecutors said he arranged to smuggle into the United States three live, highly venomous king cobra snakes hidden in potato chip canisters. Rodrigo Franco, 34, was…