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Mysterious planet discovered outside solar system

Scientists have found evidence of the first ever planetary-mass object beyond our solar system. And it’s huge! Probably a dozen times bigger than Jupiter, according to the researchers at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory. They’re…

Move over Saturn! a dwarf planet has a ring to it

PARIS: Move over Saturn! Scientists have found a ring around an unassuming mini-planet in our Solar System to debunk the theory that only giant planets can be so adorned. The planet, dubbed Haumea, orbits the Sun far beyond Neptune --…

NASA announces two missions to study early solar system

WASHINGTON: The US space agency NASA on Wednesday announced two unmanned missions to asteroids designed to study one of the earliest eras in the history of the solar system. They have been dubbed Lucy and Psyche, and NASA hopes to launch…

NASA space probe to lift the veil on Jupiter

CAPE CANAVERAL: NASA's Juno spacecraft hurtled closer toward Jupiter on Friday headed for a July 4 leap into polar orbit around the solar system's largest planet to analyze how it formed and helped set the stage for life on Earth.