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South America

Humans and chocolate: a 5,000-year love story

WASHINGTON: Humans have hankered after chocolate for centuries longer than previously thought, scientists said Monday, tracing the earliest known consumption of its key ingredient to more than 5,000 years ago in South America. Archaeologists have long believed that ancient civilisations in Central America started drinking concoctions of cacao -- the bean-like seeds from which cocoa and chocolate are made -- from around 3,900 years ago. But in a study that shifts the origins of chocolate centuries backwards, a team of…

Three planes make emergency landings in South America over bomb threats

South America: Three flights were forced to make emergency landings after officials reported receiving several bomb threats on Thursday. The planes made landings in Chile and Peru following the telephoned threats, said Chilean aviation officials. The news agency initially reported four flights landed in three countries before revising the numbers. According to a press release from LATAM Airlines, a passenger plane was traveling to Santiago, Chile, when it received a bomb threat at around 2:48 p.m. LATAM flight 2369 landed…

WATCH: Plane crashes moments after takeoff

CALIFORNIA: A cargo jet crashed shortly after takeoff in South America on Tuesday, leaving four people dead and one wounded. The footage of the incident has been captured. The plane, a Boeing 727-200 operated by Colombian airliner Aerosucre, had just taken off the German Olano airport in Colombia when it encountered some problems, reported the Airlive. The aircraft had five crew on board. Two people were rescued alive, but one later died in the hospital and three more died at the scene, according to the Colombian Red…

Pope jokes he doesn't 'do drugs'

VATICAN CITY: Pope Francis on Monday joked that he did not have to "take drugs" when questioned by a journalist as to the secret of his energy during a whirlwind tour of three Latin American countries.