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Iran has arrested ‘dozens of spies’: intelligence minister

TEHRAN: Iran's intelligence minister said "dozens of spies" had been arrested as part of a crackdown on espionage and dual nationals and alluded to an agent Iran had placed in the Israeli government, Iranian media reported on Wednesday. Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi did not provide details of the "dozens of spies", or over what period they had been arrested in the interview televised late on Tuesday. He said Iran had planted the agent "in the cabinet of a country that has a very strong intelligence service".…

Foreign chefs on Turkish TV are spies, claims Erdogan’s adviser

ISTANBUL: You could call it stirring up tensions. A prominent adviser to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has cooked up a simmering controversy with the suggestion that foreign chefs on Turkish television shows are undercover spies. "The other day I was watching a programme - there was an English guy and an Italian wandering from one village to the next and cooking up dishes to discover the delicacies of Anatolia," said Yigit Bulut, who advises Erdogan on economic affairs. "Why are English and Italians wandering round…