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Dutch PM becomes internet hero after cleans up his coffee spill in Parliament

It’s not quite a regular day affair when politicians impress you with their humbleness, but Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has become a worldwide celebrity after a video of him cleaning up his coffee spill in the Parliament went viral. Rutte accidentally spilled coffee in the Dutch Parliament, but didn’t leave the job to the cleaners. He borrowed a mop and started cleaning up the mess while the cleaners’ applauded him. WATCH Dutch diplomat Cees Van Beek first uploaded the video on Twitter on June 4, and since then…

VIDEO: ‘Explosion’ of pizzas on major US motorway blocks traffic

ARKANSAS: A major US motorway in Arkansas was blocked following 18-wheel truck carrying the frozen pizzas slid and crashed on the thoroughfare. The truck carrying the frozen pizzas was sliced open as it passed under a bridge on Wednesday, sending the meals tumbling into the road near Little Rock, Arkansas. Around 1,000 of the pizza, which were DiGiorno and Tombstone brands, blocked the entire westbound carriageway of the major interstate road. The road, part of a major link between Dallas and Memphis,…