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spy chief

German spy chief says regulation may be needed for social platforms

BERLIN: Germany’s domestic intelligence agency on Monday suggested that regulations may be needed if the European Union cannot increase the accountability of social media platforms such as Facebook regarding illegal or dangerous content. Hans-Georg Maassen told reporters that the European Union was working hard to increase transparency on social media platforms and to raise consciousness among those companies. “The Commission is in negotiations, but if this consciousness doesn’t help, then we may have to adopt…

Spy chief adds to warnings of Russian cyber attacks on Germany

BERLIN: Germany's spy chief warned that Russian hackers may target next year's German election with campaigns of misinformation that could undermine the democratic process, echoing concerns voiced by the country's domestic intelligence director. US intelligence officials warned in the run-up to the Nov 8 presidential election won by populist outsider Donald Trump of efforts to manipulate the vote that they believed was backed by Russian authorities. Russian officials denied any such effort. In an interview published on…