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Injuries on stairs occur in all age groups and abilities: study

WASHINGTON: More than 1 million Americans injure themselves on stairs each year, according to a study in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine. Older adults, younger children and women reported more injuries, but all ages show up in emergency departments for sprains, strains, bumps and fractures. “Stairs are a common source of injury among all ages, and the frequency and rate of stair-related injuries are increasing,” said senior author Dr. Gary Smith of Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. About…

Shocking footage: Woman falls victim to ‘senseless violence’ in Berlin

BERLIN: A horrifying footage has emerged online, showing a stranger approaching a woman and kicking her down stairs for apparently no reason. CCTV from the incident on Berlin’s metro system was released as part of a report on senseless violence in the German capital. It shows a man walk behind the woman as she descends a flight of stairs before kicking her back, sending her flying forwards and down the stairs. The victim, aged 26, was later taken to hospital and is said to be helping police with their inquiries.…