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State Bank of Pakistan (SBP)

Pakistani Rupee appreciated by 0.68% against US Dollar

2 months, 15 days ago
KARACHI: US Dollar shows continuous downward trend by losing its value against Pakistani rupee since last week of July 2018. This US dollar trend creates a positive pitch for Pakistani rupee as it appreciates resulting in ample inflows of…

Dollar traded at elevated price in open market

2 months, 23 days ago
KARACHI: The US dollar is being sold at Rs4 to Rs5 higher in the open market compared to the exchange rates set by the money exchange associations, as the elections are round the corner, it is effecting foreign currency trading. The buying…

FBR revenue collection deficit up to Rs135 billion for FY18

3 months, 14 days ago
ISLAMABAD: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) did not meet the target for collection of tax, as projected revised revenue target was of Rs3.935 trillion. However, the tax provisionally collected is Rs3.8 trillion by end of FY18, which…

Rupee hits extreme low record of 125 against US dollar

3 months, 25 days ago
LAHORE: The rupee is on the mode of continuous depreciation against the US dollar, the drop is at extreme level of 125 against the greenback in the open market on Wednesday. In the meantime, the dollar weakened by Rs0.33 in the interbank…

Rupee continues to depreciate in inter-bank market

3 months, 26 days ago
KARACHI: On Tuesday, a recent descent is observed of 1.11% in rupee value, due to which accumulative depreciation is around 15.38% to a record low of Rs121.73 to the US dollar in the inter-bank market since December 2017, the reason behind…