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WATCH: Indian man steals a light bulb while exercising

In a strange case of robbery, a man stole a bulb in quite an innovative way. The incident occurred in the city of Coimbatore where an inidentified man was seen standing near a footpath close to a set of shops. The video clip shows the man pretending to exercise while trying to steal the bulb hanging outside a shop. For a few minutes, he performed stretches and later stole the light bulbs. The incident was caught on CCTV cameras. While attempting to steal the bulbs, the man quickly switches back to his exercise…

Squirrel Caught on Tape Stealing Doughnut From Police

ANCHORAGE, Alaska: Police in Anchorage, Alaska, are on the lookout for a squirrel that made off from their parking lot with a doughnut. In a video posted on the department's Facebook page on Sunday, the squirrel is seen with what appears to be a glazed doughnut clenched in its teeth as it runs through the lot. The department called it "a straight-up felony" and added, "it's rude." One Facebook user commented My 4-year-old son asked why cops like donuts. I asked where did he learn that. He said from a…

China rejects Trump claim it stole drone

BEIJING: China on Monday rejected US President-elect Donald Trump's claim that it had "stolen" an American research drone, as state media said his diplomatic inexperience could spark a confrontation between the two nations. Beijing's seizure of the marine probe in international waters in the South China Sea raised already heightened tensions between the world's two largest military powers. On Sunday, after Beijing and Washington announced the drone would be returned, Trump tweeted: "We should tell China that we don't…