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Stressed out middle-aged workers have higher risk of mental health issues

LONDON: Middle-aged adults who feel stressed, powerless or overworked on the job may be more likely to develop mental health problems in the coming years than more contented coworkers, a recent study suggests. For the study, researchers examined data from questionnaires completed by 6,870 workers in the UK who, at age 45, had never been diagnosed with depression, anxiety or other common mental illnesses. Overall, about one-third reported having little control over what they did at work and slightly more than one-fourth…

Stressed out parents less likely to cook homemade meals

On days when parents feel stressed or depressed, kids are less likely to get homemade food for dinner, a U.S. study suggests. Beyond just serving up more fast food and frozen dinners, parents are also more likely to pressure kids to clean their plates on days when they’re not in a great mood. “One potential explanation for these findings is that parents who have a stressful day at work, school or home or who feel depressed throughout the day may be overwhelmed and not feel like making a family meal, and so they opt for…