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Sufi Muhammad

‘Waging war against Pakistan Army is prohibited in Islam’, says Sufi Muhammad

ISLAMABAD: After getting released from prison on compassionate grounds, founder Tehreek Nifaz-e-Shariat Muhammadi (TNSM) Maulana Sufi Muhammad said the Pakistan Army soldiers are like Mujahideen (holy warriors) and waging war against them is prohibited in Islam. In an interview to a private TV channel, the ailing 93-year-old cleric declared the militants waging war against the state as apostates. “Mullah Fazlullah inflicted more losses to Islam than disbelievers,” he asserted. He said the chief of the militant…

APS attackers are worse than heretics: Sufi Muhammad

PESHAWAR: Sufi Muhammad, the chief of the proscribed Tehreek-e-Nifaz-e-Shariat-e-Mohammadi (TNSM) has said the perpetrators of the attack on the Army Public School are even worst than heretics. Speaking to a private media channel, he strongly condemned those whose have raised arms against the state and the army, and said that Pakistan Army is the defender of the nation. He said they had launched a peaceful campaign which changed radically after the United States led invasion of Afghanistan. He said government launched…